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Barriers to Extreme Ownership

People often have mental blocks that make them think they cannot take ownership of a situation. In this course, Jamie and Jocko dive deep into understanding and identifying those barriers so that you can be better equipped to solve common problems by taking ownership. Extreme Ownership allows you to take control of every situation and provide a solution that will work. Lead your team to success by purposely looking for ways to take ownership.


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Extreme Ownership Framework

Taking Extreme Ownership allows you to effectively take control of any situation and solve problems, but people often struggle with how to take ownership.  Our natural tendency is to shift blame away from us and onto others or our circumstances.  However, if we can shift our mindset to taking ownership in all things, we then have the power to solve any problem we face. The good news is that we can start to make that shift and practice taking Extreme Ownership through 5 simple steps.  In this course, Jocko and Dave explain those 5 steps and provide numerous examples of this protocol in action.  They breakdown each step to help you fully understand how to complete it properly and to explain its importance in the process of taking ownership.  They also demonstrate the application of this procedure through Role Play scenarios representing both business and life situations.  Then, you get a chance to practice the implementation of these steps through Application Exercises and a Learning Check.

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Safety and Risk Mitigation

The principles of Extreme Ownership apply to every problem you face. This includes Safety and Risk Mitigation. For many industries, Safety is a number one priority. However, even those in dangerous jobs can easily become complacent, and most people don’t want to take ownership of safety incidents.

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The Indirect Approach

Jocko and Dave dive deep into the Indirect Approach, a technique that allows leaders to use humility and ownership to determine the best plan for success. You start by asking earnest questions and leading people to draw their own conclusions rather than telling them what to do. This gives them ownership of the plan and the execution. 


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The OODA Loop

Dave and Jocko dive deep into the OODA Loop, a decision-making tool that originated in aerial combat to help pilots win, even when at a disadvantage. The four steps of the OODA Loop process were designed to help pilots make decisions more quickly, giving them an advantage over the competition. In this course, you will learn about the OODA Loop process and how to apply it to business.

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