Extreme Ownership Approach to Sales


Sales professionals get an unfortunate reputation for only caring more about the deal than their clients or problems. But in this sales course, Extreme Ownership Approach to Sales with JP Dinnell and Jocko Willink, you can learn how leadership applies to help you work better with people, build trust, and become a sales rep that people look forward to receiving calls from. 



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Extreme Ownership Approach to Sales

In every organization, there is something for you to sell – products, services, ideas, projects, plans, etc., and typical sales training focuses on the wrong things – short-term tactics that might help you close a deal but oftentimes lead to strategic failure and frustrated or lost clients.

This is not a “How-to-Sell” course, and it doesn’t promise any specific metric increase. Rather, this course directly demonstrates how the principles of Extreme Ownership can be applied to sales in any industry and, specifically, how you can become a better sales professional by approaching sales with the right intent.

Gain the trust and respect of your clients and coworkers while building solid relationships with the Extreme Ownership Approach to Sales.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply the Laws of Combat to solve sales problems.
  • Use the Laws of Combat to lead sales teams.
  • Explain how Extreme Ownership can help you reach sales goals.

    Time Investment: 1.5 Hours

    Course Completion Rewards:

    • Credly Badge for use on LinkedIn profile, Email signature, Resume, and more.
    • Printable certificate
    • 1.5 SHRM Professional Development Credits (PDCs)

    Learning Modules Included:

    • Course Introduction
    • Laws of Combat for Sales
    • Mindsets for Sales
    • Application to Sales
    • 2 Quizzes