How to Build Relationships


Your frustrations and obstacles are all rooted in the lack of trust built with the people around you. Whether building a cohesive team or nurturing the bonds of those closest to you, Jocko and Dave will teach you the four keys to unlocking successful, gratifying relationships that foster teamwork and secure lifelong connections. The meaningful relationships you cultivate, initiate, and maintain will directly contribute to your level of success.  



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How to Build Relationships

Dave and Jocko dive deep into the first Law of Combat, Cover and Move. Specifically, they discuss the core of that principle which is relationships.  We know that relationships are paramount. Without relationships, we don’t have a team. However, most leaders struggle to define relationships and don’t understand how to build them.  This means they will struggle when they attempt to cultivate those relationships.  In this course, Jocko and Dave demonstrate the power of relationships, breakdown what a relationship is, and show you how to build them.

As with other Extreme Ownership foundation courses, Jocko and Dave provide role-play demonstrations and application exercises with examples of what to do and what NOT to do to LEAD and WIN. Leaders earn a certificate of completion when passing the Learning Check at the end of the course.

Learning Objectives:

  • Recognize the power of relationships
  • Identify the four parts of a relationship
  • Apply the necessary steps to attain the four parts of a relationship with anyone