Safety and Risk Mitigation


Everyone wants to get home safely at the end of a workday, but on busy sites, people quickly get complacent with protocols and risk endangering one another. But with JP Dinnell and Leif Babin’s Safety and Risk Mitigation approach, you will create a proactive and preventative culture that protects your team against hazardous disasters.  



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The principles of Extreme Ownership apply to every problem you face. This includes Safety and Risk Management. For many industries, Safety is a number one priority. However, even those in dangerous jobs can easily become complacent, and most people don’t want to take ownership of safety incidents. In this course, Leif Babin and JP Dinnell discuss how to apply Cover and Move, Simple, Prioritize and Execute, Decentralized Command, being Default: Aggressive, and taking Extreme Ownership to Safety and Risk Management. The course includes combat examples, a detailed explanation of the principle, direct application to business with multiple examples, and role-play demonstrations of what to do and what not to do. Knowledge is tested through three interactive application exercises and five learning check questions.

Learning Objectives 

  • Explain how the Laws of Combat apply to Safety and Risk Management.
  • Identify how complacency causes safety incidents.
  • Apply the Default: Aggressive mindset to Safety and Risk Management.

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