The Difference Between Good And Great Leaders

Have you ever considered the difference between good and great leaders? In our harsh economic climate, with competitors chasing you down and trying to bury you, it is important to be not just good but great. In this Extreme Ownership Academy Live Session, we'll discuss that difference and what skillsets you'll need to develop as a leader in order to be one of the greats.

Good leaders are essential. They keep things tidy. They check the boxes. They make sure the job gets done. Is that enough? No.

Greatness is required to make an impact that lasts. Daunting? Yes. Achievable? Absolutely. Consider what it takes to boil water. There’s a massive amount of energy needed to carry water to its boiling point of 212°. If that water stops at 211°, nothing happens. All of that energy got us to a pot of hot water.

All of the magic happens in that last 1°, and all of a sudden, water boils, it begins to evaporate, and we get steam.  Steam was the main source of power in locomotives and industry for years. 

The difference between being a good leader and a great leader is all in that last bit of effort. In this live session of Extreme Ownership Academy, we’ll discuss what it means to be great and how the path of Extreme Ownership is already preparing the way for you to become a great leader.

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