Setting And Achieving Goals For Your Professional Development in 2023

“By failing to plan, you are preparing to fail” - Benjamin Franklin - As a leader, you can't afford to stumble through your life, hoping you'll develop the skills you need. Like any goal, we must identify where we are, understand where we want to go, and plot a course to get there. Join us for this Extreme Ownership Academy live session, where we'll discuss the importance of setting goals for your professional development and, more importantly, how to achieve them in 2023.

Goal setting is an essential skill for any leader, but often we overlook setting goals for our professional development. At Echelon Front, we see this as the equivalent of forgetting to make time to go to the gym. Leadership is a skill set that can atrophy and die like a muscle. You must train that skill over and over again in order to make it strong and ready to respond when the moment demands it.

Building a plan for your professional development starts with knowing where you are and what growth targets you should set for yourself. Those goals will be your guiding light for the year, and then we can backfill your schedule to help you get in the repetitions you need to achieve those goals.

Join us for this Extreme Ownership Live Session where we’ll discuss the process of setting and achieving professional development goals for a fruitful 2023.

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