How To Improve Your team Leader Training In 2023

As we approach 2023, all leaders have the opportunity to take their leadership beyond themselves and pass it on to their teams. Not all leadership trainings are created equal. For many of us in the game, fighting every day to have an impact up and down the chain of command and applying Extreme Ownership in our personal lives, it can be a struggle to know how to teach these valuable lessons to our subordinate leaders and teams. Join us for this Extreme Ownership Academy live session and learn how to implement a training plan that works in 2023.

“Your job is to train your replacement.” For many leaders, hearing that phrase can cause anxiety.  “But if I train my replacement, aren’t I putting myself out of a job?” This is often the concern of leaders struggling to help their teams grasp the principles of Extreme Ownership and live them in their lives.

This concern shows how little we truly value the power of leadership. Consider how much time, energy, and attention you’ve put into your leadership development over the years. For some of you, you’re just getting started. For others, you’re in the game and putting in the effort to get things done. No matter where you are, learning to develop your team’s leaders is a must for you to succeed long-term.

Join Extreme Ownership Academy for this live session dedicated to helping you develop your team’s leadership in 2023. Join leaders just like you on the front lines of their communities, organizations, and families and learn how to develop a leadership training program that works in 2023.

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