Leadership may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about challenges with your partner, your kids or your parents. We know that every problem you face- at work, in your community, at home or within yourself- leadership is the solution. Join Echelon Front instructors Dave Berke and Jamie Cochran for our three-part free miniseries applying the principles of Extreme Ownership in one of our toughest arenas – the home.



Assuming responsibility for your domestic situation is fundamental to establishing a content and unified family. This develops trust and admiration among your relatives, stimulating a feeling of shared control and collaboration, generating a constructive and sound setting in which everybody can flourish. Not only does this process foster individual advancement but also encourages sounder judgement, making you more aware of your options and activities. Begin the journey toward creating a successful and gratifying home life by taking extreme ownership today.

Each session will last 60 mins and include Q&A

Instructors: Dave Berke and Jamie Cochran

Format: Live Session


Foundations: An introduction to the main principles of Extreme Ownership, an explanation of our purpose for these sessions, and live Q&A


Strategies: Discussion around the needed mindsets to achieve successful implementation of these concepts at home with live Q&A


Tactics: Additional practical techniques you can apply to your problems at home with live Q&A

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Course Includes

  • 3 Lessons