Dichotomy of Leadership


A dichotomy is a division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed.  In other words, two opposing forces pulling against each other.  Achieving the proper balance in each of the many Dichotomies of Leadership is the most difficult aspect of leadership.  

Course Description

These courses are intended to give you insight into some of the most common dichotomies you will face as a leader – Taking care of your people vs. Accomplishing the Mission, Mentoring vs. Firing, Being Humble vs. Being Passive, Being Detached vs. Being Focused, Accountability vs. Hand-Holding, etc.  In each course, Jocko and Leif break down the Dichotomy with real-world examples from both business and combat to help you fully understand what out of balance might look like. These twelve courses only cover a fraction of the numerous dichotomies you will face as a leader, but understanding how to recognize and address these twelve common dichotomies will enable you to better process, analyze, and apply these leadership principles to your battlefield, in whatever arena that might be, whether leading in combat, business or life.

Learning Objectives

  • Define each Dichotomy of Leadership
  • Recognize when you are out of balance within each Dichotomy
  • Identify necessary course corrections when out of balance in either direction of the Dichotomy


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