Labor Day Bundle



Get the Leadership Edge and Ensure Safety with Our Exclusive Bundle!

Are you ready to step up your leadership game and prioritize safety in your organization? Echelon Front presents a powerful combo: the Extreme Ownership Foundations and Safety & Risk Mitigation courses. For a limited time (September 1 – 5th, 2023), grab both courses at an exclusive Labor Day price of just $399, down from the regular $499.94!



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Extreme Ownership Foundations: Learn leadership from the ground up with this online course, guided by none other than the authors themselves, Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. It’s based on the #1 New York Times bestseller, “Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win.” This course packs 12 Foundation Modules, each tied to a chapter in the book. It’s not just theory – it’s real-world leadership. Whether you’re running the show or working the front lines, these principles will supercharge your leadership, boosting performance and mission success.

Safety & Risk Mitigation: Safety is a top priority, especially in your line of work. Our Safety & Risk Mitigation course takes combat-tested principles and applies them to safety. Learn how to spot and tackle risks head-on. We’ll help you combat complacency and make safety second nature.

Learning Objectives:

  • Realize that leadership is the key to your team’s success.
  • Connect combat leadership principles to everyday challenges.
  • Put Extreme Ownership into action in your work and life.
  • See how the Laws of Combat apply to Safety and Risk Mitigation.
  • Identify how complacency can lead to safety incidents.
  • Adopt the Default: Aggressive mindset for safety and risk management.


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