How To Stop Self Sabotaging

Friction within a team is one of the biggest hindrances to any organization's strategic vision. Without alignment, our teams are fragmented, energy is wasted, and our organizations suffer. Friction within families is no different. As a leader, it's important to develop a strong understanding of team building, why it matters, and what types of exercises help you accomplish your longterm vision. Join us for this Extreme Ownership Live Session as we cover 5 Reasons Why Team Building Is Important In 2023.

Trust falls, scavenger hunts, and board games are at the top of any Internet search for team-building exercises. The odds are you rolled your eyes at the thought of doing anything like this with your team. In 2023, team-building isn’t the most exciting topic, but it remains one of the most valuable skill sets you can develop as a leader (and we aren’t advocating for board games or trust falls).

Consider the workforce in 2023. We’re three years into a global pandemic that has shifted how our organizations work. Zoom meetings, remote work, and unlimited time off have changed how we think about a traditional office environment. For our first responders, the heightened reality of infectious disease and shifting environmental factors have made your working environment more hectic and intense than ever.

Team building isn’t just about bonding and developing friendships; it’s about establishing a common mission, developing a culture, and ensuring everyone is aligned toward your organization’s strategic vision and initiatives. It’s about bonding in the trenches of life for greater work-life balance and satisfaction.

If you’re a leader, now’s the time to get a grasp on the importance of team building and how it can help you impact your people and your organization at a deeper level.

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